Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the Horizon


Ikon, definitely one of my favorite eye creators on the grid has released his newest set, "Horizon" in 5 different colors (as of now). They come in: Dark Brown, Deep Green (Photo 1), Hazel (Photo 2) and Light Blue, Pale Gray (Photo 3). The IKON eyes also come in 5 sizes: Extra Large (XL), Large (L), Medium Large (ML), Medium (M), and Small (S) with every purchase.
 If one stares into these eyes, they'll feel as if their journey leads past the endless Horizon (was that too corny? LOL) No, but really. The shine and depth in Horizon is outstanding. I've already had a couple messages about where these babies are from. That kinda happens when I wear eyes from IKON. 
/me wiggles her fingertips and produces your magic carpet ride to IKON.

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