Sunday, April 29, 2012

A R.icielli Affair

So, I know wearing this "One Shoulder" jumper by R.icielli is a bit late but I kept putting it off. Because I didn't like it after I bought it. The color is rich, and the design is great. But I am not a fan of the legs. They made me look severely bow legged. And I had to Photoshop the hell out of these pictures and redraw my back and other places because the inside wasn't lined and left gaps. I ADORE R.icielli, but this is not their best work. Keep working at it guys!
This hair was from the Fantasy Faire ... that ends ... today? So you have a few more hours to grab it. Its completely free, by Wasabi Pills. Also, my accessories "Authentic" are from BenS Beauty and meshed well with the rich color of the jumpsuit. 
Okay, I'm fixing to play some WoW. Yes, I'm a geek. Hey, 

Get the look:

:F: Laika II . Bronze (99L$)
.:pink - insidious:. - Deceptive shape (new) (Marketplace)
IKON Horizon Eyes - Dark Brown (new)
.::Vassnia::. Thalia - Largest Lip Collection  MEGAPACK

..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Authentic Set for PERFECT WARDROBE
/Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh FEM Mesh Hair - FF2012 (ends today)
[EY:NO] Mess Bangles (new)
( R E D ) M I N T ~ Gift 08'11 - Hand accessories 

[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves Fat Pack (new)
R.icielli - LIA Boots / FatPack

Princess Mode @ Pink Insidious - Sinister Pose (new)

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