Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vershel Da Woman

I want to start off by saying I have received exceptional customer service today.
Vershel, the creator of Vershe happened upon a blog I did several weeks ago (here) in which I noticed seams in the arms. She contacted me about it and touched up the skin. So here I am, wearing it again, and I examined it while I was naked (ooh - la - la) and it was a flawless skin from what I could see. That's love there. A designer accepting criticism and producing quality rather than curse me out in IMs. (I did confess to her I was scared shitless when I saw her name in my box, LOL.) With professionalism like that, Vershel will be around a long time. Thanks sugar-lips.

Get the look:

*VERSHE* Andrea: Purple Nurple
.:pink - insidious:. - Deceptive shape (new) (Marketplace)
*VERSHE* EyeCare: Coal Liner

*Dura-Girl*35 (new)
Maxi Gossamer - Boho Bangles - Laquered Etched Silver (new)
[MANDALA]Anuttra RingSET/earth metal (new)
..:: Bens Beauty ::..Gift French Nail (free)
Black eyelashes - EDDESIGN
IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Arabian Blue
:Hebenon Vial: The Minimalist (store closed - sniffle)
[DE] Cross Belly Chains

Apple May Designs - City Work Mesh Sweat Shirt - Love (new)
Spirit Store - Eva jeans white
#93 With Love (again) From... Leverocci

Princess Mode @ Pink Insidious - Deceptive Pose (new)

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