Monday, April 23, 2012


You know, yes new is nice. I love new. But I think quality is even better. And I am wearing quality hair by LOGO called "Julianne" which comes in 6 different colors. It's an over the shoulder style that can be worn with a casual or a dressy look. It's been released for a month now, and I have blogged it before, but I haven't really seen anyone else blog it, save a couple folks. And I know *every* post that has been fed onto this Syndicate, trust me! 
So I am going to bring LOGO back around for another look. I believe this is LOGO's first mesh creation but *definitely* not the last. Expect new releases soon from LOGO, but until then, go in and demo "Julianne" and I'm quite certain, you'll be teleporting out with a new hairstyle. 

EarthStones Eyes of the World ~ Earthday Birthday Gift

LOGO New Rigged Mesh Hair - Julianne

coldLogic top - Clark Taupe

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