Friday, April 20, 2012

New Celoe!

FML, I am so excited about the newest Celoe releases. They are the STANDARD when it comes to mesh and I can't wait to show off my new gear! Take a look at the newest releases!

April Dress : Flirty and fabulous, this coquettish style will have admirers watching your every move. The plunging neckline held together by the daintiest of straps, is both alluring and sensual. This dress is the perfect first date dress, to show all that you have and allude to all that you may give. The satin hugs the body and moves with a soft whisper across the hips, delightful in any of the solid or prints that it comes in, you just have the hard choice of choosing which delights you more. The April dress comes in 12 colours, 8 solids and 4 prints. The April dress is a rigged mesh item and is available in Standard Sizing XXS,XS,S,M and L.

May Dress : This dress is a beautiful mix of the qualities that make the perfect LBD. Fortunately Celoe did not stop at one colour, this delightful dress comes in four, to tempt and tantalise. The strapless style top is tight and darted in the right areas to really enhance your shape, dropping to the adorable bow belt that cinches and highlights the waist. The dress then flares out at the hips, adding a little more wiggle to your walk. The style is perfect for drinks with friends, or cocktails with associates or vice versa, it is a show-stopper however you wear it. The May dress comes in 4 Solid colours. The May dress is a rigged mesh item and is available in Standard Sizing XXS,XS,S,M and L.

Yasmine Pants : Whether walking the red carpet, lounging with friends or creating a look for a day out and about, these pants are stylish and adaptable to many different look concepts. They are tight across the hips allowing for wear with other mesh items - this may vary item to item. The Yasmine pants end mid shin, which will allow for wear with strapped sandals or ankle boots. With the options of rich solid colours and paisley print, you have a wonderful palette to choose from. Yasmine pants come in 10 colours, 6 solid and 4 paisley print. Yasmine Pants are a rigged mesh item and are available in Standard Sizing XXS,XS,S,M and L.

Clara Corset : Cinched perfection, this tight treasure shows why inner-wear made the transition to outerwear. This leather corset comes in both solid and floral options, ranging from deep and fiery to light and breezy colours wise. Whether the temptress or the tempted, the tight waist and curvaceous hips design of this piece will have you breathless for more. The Clara corset comes in 9 colours, 5 solid and 4 floral print. The Clara corset is a rigged mesh item and is available in Standard Sizing XXS,XS,S,M and L.

To be able to see MESH items, you must have a MESH compliant viewer. To wear more than one MESH item at a time you must be able to wear more than one alpha layer, or be able to combine your own - Celoe does include the alpha texture so that you can do that if needed. You can make a new alpha layer and use the textures where options are available.

Love, Celoe
So, when the SIM isn't so full, jump on that Celoe bangwagon!

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