Friday, September 14, 2012


 Let's Get Glam!
Hey readers!
 I've taken time away from chatting up this cool chick I've met recently to do this blog, so you readers better feel special.
I'm excited to show something new, and uncommon. 
Yawn at seeing the same thing always, right?

Let's begin!

BSD Design Studios is the name ... and coming up with unique designs is the game ... ?
Okay so I'm not clever, but good thing  BabyChampagne Sass is ... and she brings the "SUPERMODEL" to the grid in several colors and styles.
HUD managed of course to match your skin tone, and nails!

 Also available from BSD Design Studios are the "Pretissimo Clutch" which comes in 12 colors and clutching animation. 

Remember, visit
to get yours!

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