Friday, September 28, 2012

The Boob Show

Hello SecondLifers, I'm a wee bit late for the Boobies Show but that's how I roll. I hate seeing the same stuff plastered all over the boards so if I let the hype die I can maybe bring it back around 360 degree style. That's the idea anyway :)

Well, I'm sure everyone's eyes have been feasting on prim LOLA's breast for some time now. Me personally, not my thing, but I did increase my boob slider to make 'em more eye catching for the "Lace Leotard" by 
Glue Ink. These leotards come in 4 colors with a belt around the waist. They leave nothing to the imagination in the crotch area or the breast area, so if you're into giving your SL Partner some loving, you need only push the small fabric aside and go at it. Very sexy and fun to wear! Check 'em out at the

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