Thursday, September 27, 2012


 What's good readers?
I always seem to be playing catch up here.
Woe the life of a blogger who has a life.

You guys are well aware we're VERY into the Swag Fest event that has many awesome designers and one of the featured guests are
.:SS Spearsong:. and they've brought some goodies to the table!

Shown are the "WOMENS CLEAN SKINNIES" which are available in a handful of colors! They fit *in my best Ace Ventura voice* like a glove!
Also worn is are the "SWAGGED OUT JACKET" and there are around 4 styles to choose from.
Check these styles at the SWAG FEST (SS SPEARSONG)

Also the earrings from Bens Beauty "Artistic Hoop E." can be found at Swag Fest (here) and there are over 5 colors/styles available!

My shoes, which have been blogged before (HERE) are by * .:: deeR ::. * and are named "Open Ankle Boots" and you can check 'em out by visiting the MAINSTORE!

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