Sunday, September 30, 2012

She Wool

 Cool weather (is supposed to be) coming soon so a lot of designers are hitting the gas and the green light to begin releasing fall/winter clothing for our freezing cold avatars.
On of my favorite creators 
[[>CaKe!<]] has released the "Poncho" in a myriad of colors but I am showing my favorite 6 above. They're well made! They go GREAT with the "Skinny Jeans Faded Cuffed" also by [[>CaKe!<]] which I never want to take off. I am seriously obsessed with these pants. 
Also, it's just a day for sweets because [[>CaKe!<]] ALSO released the "Diamond" which I am wearing in the beige color.
 For goodness sakes, go see the

Lastly, I'm wearing the pretty, neutral pale skin by [Mystic Canvass] and this lovely skin which is calling for a review is named "Sandra" and you'll find all the goodies [MC] releases with their skins: cleavage/hairbase/shape/make-up options so go nuts and visit the 

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