Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tube Steak


It's raining, the streets are flooded and the street lights are out. I tried going to class and made a U Turn when I saw the cluster F I'd have to sit through. So to celebrate my early weekend of nothing but studying and homework I decided to put on my "Tube Dress" by 

deeR, but I couldn't decide what color. So I picked my favorite 12. Actually, with the HUD there are 30 options but my wee mind cannot fathom trying them all on!

Also included are the "Hand Set #1 female" which is also by deeR and comes HUD ready with every color option, ring/piercing, and cigarette option under the sun!
Check out the HUDs below!
I love options! And that's what deeR gives us!
TP to the deeR MAINSTORE!

Also don't forget to pick up the dollarbie shape by pink - insidious named "Vile" shown in the post above only on the Marketplace!

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