Thursday, October 11, 2012

Check Mate

Yay getting ready for the weekend! I do have a test to make up ew, so I will be interrupting my SL life for that but those are the breaks!

However, I do have some cool new stuffs for ya, so check it out!

You should never be unprepared ... you might see that cutey at club Anaconda, and hit his box, regardless if he's partnered because women are just trifling as hell anyway, and who knows where it might lead!

So be ready with the "CONDOM POCKET SKINNIES" by

.:SS Spearsong:.! They're mesh, complete with standard sizing options  And they're pretty rad, what with the partial torn look about 'em!
Also, I am wearing a cute, simple but awesome top by AlterEgo called "my way" which is available in all layers, and actually some different textures AND colors! 
So that's my ready look!

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