Saturday, October 6, 2012

Boob Tube Cherie

Okay ... one more post before bed. Or maybe I'll watch some Vampire Diaries, my newest addiction!
Well, I just couldn't stop with my usual 3 photos with this raised top with matching (or not matching, whatever you prefer) pastie ... and then I said, "okay, I'll do 6," and then said "OK, 9!" ... Well you see I went a little nuts snapping away at these "Tank+Sculpted Pastie" by 

Freya Olivieri of  ❉   м σ η   ς н є я ί   ❉ because there were *SO* many design combinations . With the HUD you can wear your favorite color top (32 choices), and then line the inside (wow another 32 choices) with your other favorite color and then finally, change the pastie color (22 choices)! 
These are a MUST have so grab yours in a hurry by visiting
 ❉   м σ η   ς н є я ί   ❉ @ SWAG FEST!
❉   м σ η   ς н є я ί   ❉ Main-store!

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