Monday, October 29, 2012


 I'm a fairy ... a fairy of DEATH! One bite of me, and you're no more! Oooh, maybe now the people who keep kicking me out of their forests for being scantily dressed will now fear me!
Or not.
But this sexy outfit is named after a poisonous plant which produces poisonous berries named Atropa Belladonna which causes death ... or if used properly, can be medicinal.
So here we have "Belladonna" by

Gwen Carillon Designs. This sexy and flitting ensemble comes with: Wings, Train Skirt, Tulle Skirt (not shown), Panties, Fishnets, Eye Tattoo, Earrings, Bustier, and Gloves (not shown) so you get a lot of pieces to match as you see fit.

Halloween is coming up and this also makes a great costume so visit the Elements of Design SIM and get your own "Belladonna" :-D

Shape: .:pink - insidious:.
Necklace: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. 
Gloves: [GLUE INK]
Rings: {me.}

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