Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Majesty

 Mirror Mirror in my hand, tell me who's my biggest fan?

LOL, sorry I'm not much more creative than that :(
But I sure did have a lot of fun wearing "Majesty" by 

.Lil'Lace. by Promise Hollow.

This outfit comes with jacket, bra, and tights layer. Then there is a mesh hat, boots, skirt, headdress and magic mirror. Ooh, great Halloween look!
I absolutely LOVED this and had a lot of fun making a dark photo to go with it.
I have uploaded the RAW photo if you want to check out the detail in the outfit that the post processing might have removed.
Anyway if you're looking for dress-up ideas, come by the .Lil'Lace. Mainstore and check out "Majesty" for this Halloween!

Have a SCARY Halloween!

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