Saturday, July 14, 2012

Baby Doll

 /me raises eyebrow and with her sexiest voice, rasps "Well, hello there."
Ok, so I can't even emote being sexy.
But I do feel sexy in sheer ANYTHING.
I'm a nut and didn't photograph the back, which is open completely, because all of you at Hair Fair 2012 saw my ass anyway in my G String, running from booth to booth. That's enough booty for a while, yes?

Well, this sexy top is called "Open Back Summer" and it's from 
*BeReckless* and it comes in 5 colors. I'm showing 3.
It's actually a top, but I made it into a kind of night gown.
Hey, whatever works, right?

/me chews her lower lip, brings her hand to her lips, puckers and blows a kiss, "ta ta for now!"

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