Monday, July 9, 2012

Lara Hurley and Solange for One Voice

Anndddd One Voice is NOW open to the public! 
I was just neck deep in creators and designers who support stopping content theft, it was very impressive.

I'm showing two designers participating in the One Voice Fundraising for Curio Skin creator, Gala Phoenix's legal fees.

First, I am showing the new Lara Hurley skin "Jade" which is just as beautiful as her other skins. 
Seriously, ANY shape can be worn with a Lara Hurley skin, I have figured this out.

Lastly, I am showing the "Casual Brocade" tops from Solange which comes in 6 colors. 
This is one of a few creations she's released for the event. 

Check out these lovely designers at the One Voice Fundraising Event by clicking the Banner below!
Support creator content!
Until next post ...
See you soon <3 

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