Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Sweetheart

Greetings shoppers!
I have greatness to show you!
Not only has One Voice helped Gala P., it's also helped consumers (and bloggers, I'll admit) get to know about other brands that aren't in our faces constantly on the boards. 
I became aware of the lovely designs of 
Geometry Clothing store after blogging about them HERE

 I'm wearing the "Sweetheart" dress in spring and fall colors but comes in even more colors than I'm showing here. 
This is a brand new release!

My favorite thing about the store? No premade mesh.
I love the hard work creators put into their creations, and God knows I can't texture my own ass, let alone release re-textured pre-made mesh, but I feel like more people get excited about original content and that is what Geometry Clothing brings to the table!
If you like original content as much as I do, then you definitely need to check out Geometry Clothing, you'll be glad you did.
Find your favorite style by clicking either SLURL below!!!

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