Friday, July 13, 2012

LOGO @ Hair Fair 2012

Eeeep! Gleee. Hurrah! Yippie! And any other exclamation you can think of is going though my system right now!
Oooh, I was wondering why Sakuri Myanamotu has been so quiet!!!
It's because she was creating these little gems for Hair Fair 2012!!

From Left to Right we have: 
AlessandraMichelle IMichelle II, and Lyla from LOGO!

The Michelle looks are similar, however the difference is the bang falling more across the eye on Michelle I and II not fighting gravity as much, but a bit more messy with a stubborn hair falling from the bang.
I'm a mesh fanatic so vroom vroom, my engines are ready to take off for this years HAIR FAIR!

Make sure you find LOGO's booth at the 

See you there!

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