Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nip Slip

Rolling with the punches and knocking these new releases out! Yes, I love not lagging far behind on posts!
Well, as usual we have some events that have renewed with brand new selections from creators!
The events I am talking about are: The Perfect Wardrobe and Stuff in Stock.

A creator participating in both is

BenS Beauty by Snow Martiel. 
I'm wearing the "April Earring" in green for Stuff in Stock and the "April Earring" in a lovely golden brown (Halloween) for PERFECT WARDROBE and they're both available for great deals!
Also released this week are the "WOMENS CORSET TOP " by SS Spearsong. These textured corsets come in 4 different styles/colors and go with practically anything! Fresh off the Photoshop drawing board, so get yours by visiting the SS Spearsong mainstore!
Okay flowers, see you all later! 

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