Monday, November 19, 2012


 Hay shopaholics!
There is a huge ⋰H⋰O⋰L⋰I⋰D⋰A⋰Y⋰ ⋰P⋰R⋰O⋰M⋰O⋰T⋰I⋰O⋰N⋰!⋰ for you all!
Check it out: From NOW til December 31st, the {alterego} VIP will open join - NO MEMBERSHIP FEE!
With this LIMITED FREE offer you have access to:

❈ Monthly Exclusive Group Gifts [men&women]
❈ Invitations to Special VIP Parties & Sales
   The whole store is shut down to VIP access only, non group members are
   NOT allowed in! {alterego} is discounted x% off for 24 hours, there are
   FREE Giveaways, Store Credit Giveaways, Dollarbies, LIVE DJs, parties & more!
❈ VIPs also treat themselves on up to 10% in store credit, while making purchases
    with their tags active! That means FREE SHOPPING! 
❈ Heads up on New Arrivals, Sales, Events & more via Group notices & group chat!
❈ VERY active & friendly group chat

This promotion is not run often, we like to keep our group exclusive, but it is the Holiday Season,
and we are feeling the spirit! 

Fellas are welcome to join as well, the Menswear room is growing, and has made it to the credit system!
Fellas can rack up on the FREE too! + they have group gifts now, the more the merrier!

After Dec. 31st {alterego} will go back to a group membership fee, but members who joined during this
promotion or prior to WILL NOT BE CHARGED

We welcome you all to Experience the Opposite Side of Your Personality @ alterego. 

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