Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chloe Mesh Hybrid

  There is a buzz all over the SL Community. If you listen closely, you'll hear the name "LOGO" and that is because they JUST changed the rules in SL!
Introducing the "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar" by LOGO! I've already been a fan of LOGO's mesh hair. Now I'm forever stuck on them because of the most awesome thing I think has been released to date on the GRID.
The "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar" comes in 

5 skin tones to choose from. And might I add, even without this flawless face, these skins are HIGH Quality and comes with options I've YET to see with other skins (butt options!)
Below, I am showing 3 different stomach and cleavage options. 

SERIOUSLY this brand doesn't get enough hurrah, but that is the beauty of SL, discovering awesome talent! 
Also this original creation comes with HUDS! Yes, you can now click a button and your face will wear the expression. There are 12!

 Might I add that I was having a USER technical error and Maximilian, the LOGO creator TPed to my house, cammed me and fixed the issue INSTANTLY. Customer service to die for. These guys have JUST set the standard for all aspects of running a SL business for me. 
Pictured below are some make - up combinations I put together with the HUD but the options are endless.
There are even make up add-ons to pick up for a steal to further customize your "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar"
Pictured below are all the HUDs to manipulate your "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar" -- blush, lipsticks, eyebrow colors, eye shadows, eye colors, NOSE options (wow), eye lashes, expressions, and extra make up options (to the right)! So much customization. I've been cammed and IMed all day since putting it on and have been referring everyone to GOGO's blog since mine wasn't ready yet and dropping LMs on people.
Yes, LOGO has definitely started something! Now stop reading and start teleporting!

Hair: LOGO

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