Thursday, November 15, 2012


 It's an accessory kinda day!
That's all I'm showing!

All though I had my DOF on, the earrings "Eylul" are from 

..:: Bens Beauty ::.. and I'll make sure to blog them again but they're HUD driven and you can manipulate colors and textures along with the size! I love scripted accessories, that way we can customize them more to our avatars.

Also HUD Driven are these aweome new nails by Bamboo Nails. The textures I am wearing are "Animal" and "Shatters" and come with the HUD shown below!

These nails do not come with 12,826 different sizes for your invenrory. Just ONE set that can be contolled with your HUD. Seriously in love with Bamboo Nails. I can't wait to wear the other releases!

Visit these stores and support their hard work!

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