Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just Sheer Boobage

 Hi, I know I was away for two days. I didn't have much to blog, plus finals are coming up!
So it may be this way for a couple more weeks. 
Well, there is another "Boobies Show" event in our midst, thanks to those newly released Lola Tangos (which I refuse to buy because I JUST bought the other crappy ones!) and to celebrate actual nice fake boobage in SL, many designers are participating in the newest round of Boobies Show!

One of our participants is
[GLUE INK] who has brought us the "My Sheer Dress" and I am showing colors black and pink! It comes with a mesh flap for the front (which I honestly did have to do some editing, there was a small gap) to move with your avatar. Its compatible with the Reg boobs and Tangos. 

Also just released by ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. are the "Ebru" earrings and "Pretty Butterfly" necklaces (which come in 3 diff metals and is menu driven to switch colors) which are very very nice. I love watching Snow M. grow as an accessory designer. 

Here are your SLURLs!

Poses: PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious [Marketplace]

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