Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm an Animal

I should be doing some homework. Ugh, I wish I loved that as much as I did blogging.
I'd be the perfect student!
Anyhoo, I'm wearing some newness for you all so I'll go ahead and start.

1st, there is the November Edition of Bestyle magazine's Gypset Market, and one participant is 
[BLUSH] Skins. The new "Kerr" skin comes with cleavage options, hair-base options and different tones to choose from! I really like the quality of [BLUSH] Skins, make sure you visit Gypset Market and check out "Kerr!"

Also worn are new releases by Swaggy. I swear, it's something new everyday. These mesh tube dresses are named "Texy" and you'll find several other textures for your pickings at the SWAGGY Mesh Store.
Lastly, I am about to become obsessed with [Bamboo] Nails because they've really set the standard for nails. I mean, they GROW for gosh sake with the HUD. Check out the HUD below: 

This particular print I'm wearing is called "Animal" and there are hand sizes, lengths, and texture changing.
Get on board with Bamboo, they are freakin' awesome. I'll do an exclusive blog this week to sow more details.

Okay that is everything!

Here are your SLURLs!

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